In today’s job market, the top finance jobs are hard-won and taken by the most outstanding candidates. But how do you gain exposure to recruiters to demonstrate to them that you are the outstanding candidate they are seeking? If you want to make a positive impact on recruiters and managers at financial institutions, then taking the BAT is the best approach to doing so.

The BAT has been designed in conjunction with leading global financial institutions and academics to help outstanding students enter appropriate jobs in all areas of finance. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, the BAT will:

➊ Allow you to advertise your availability and score to 20,000 global financial employers.
➋ Give you an independent assessment of your skills, knowledge and areas for improvement as well as the finance role which might
    best suit someone with your abilities.
➌ Enable you to compare yourself against peers at your institution, in your region and around the world.